The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.

We take pride in engaging outside the box and giving you the tools to inspire others to action


We take pride in helping you to put your best and most efficient foot forward to the world.


From logo design to advertisements, publications to graphical wizardry, your vision or needs can turned into something captivating.


Show your clients how to get around in digital maps or 360º virtual tours, or customize access portals for existing services such as Office 365


Getting married? Look no further than Tall Oak Weddings for all your wedding design needs, from invitations to a wedding website, we’ve got you covered.


Graphic Design

Whether your organization needs a new logo and branding, or you have established material and need some help putting together a publication, business card, or flyer, we can apply design skills to put you and your goals in the best possible presentation.

Design is at its best when it simply conveys your message without being independent of your vision. Great design communicates your message to the world in a way that they can’t miss it.

Technology Solutions

Whether you’re looking to develop a mapping solution for your location, create a 360º virtual tour of your facilities, customize access portals such as guest/facility wifi or Office 365, or simply have an idea to leverage technology to solve a problem, we can help and use our experience in providing solutions that will easily make you the envy of your competition.

Web Design

We look forward to helping you display your brand to the world, developing client-editable, flexible, and captivating organization or e-commerce websites.


No organization, entity, or business can work efficiently without stellar internal and external communications. Everything that has to do with your message, both to your team and to your public can be managed, optimized, and streamlined to save you time, money, and wasted energy.Whether it’s finding a solution to track tasks amongst your team, or finding a way to promote your services to the world, or if you are just starting off and need help putting together the best methods to run with your idea, we can help.


Looking for wedding invitations or a wedding website? Look no further than Tall Oak Weddings.


We offer fixed rate design services, web creation and hosting, and will work with you to find a solution that fits your need and your budget.Take a look at our basic pricing list below. We will happily work around your needs and adjust for what you specifically need – don’t worry if your project doesn’t fit into any particular category. Just drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to take a look at the options and come up with pricing that fits your needs and budget.

We firmly believe in good, honest, and effective work and pricing. We only charge for what’s done rather than an hourly rate. The pricing above covers basic websites, but if your project requires more advanced integrations or plugins, the costs for that will be added.  But we’re not into nickel-and-dimeing – we’ll make your project do all you want and make the price work for you.

Got an existing site and want to improve it?

Got an existing site and want to improve it?” Do you already have a website for your small business that you’ve built, and you just want a professional and honest opinion and evaluation of it? We’re happy to provide a Website Evaluation & Consultation service for $75.

We can take a look at what you’ve got, and then sit down with you and go over what you have, any issues that may be holding you back, and give you a roadmap, ideas, suggestions, and references that you can use to improve what you’ve already got. If, after that session, you decide to hand the reins over to us to do more work on it, we’ll happily credit you $50 towards the project.


What to expect: OS X 10.10 Yosemite

What to expect: OS X 10.10 Yosemite

The future of OS X is almost here. Again. Wondering what to expect in this new now-annual release of the Mac operating system sporting the moniker of Yosemite? Take a look as we do a quick run-through.

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Today’s Consumer Drones & Tomorrrow

Today’s Consumer Drones & Tomorrrow

Drones. UAVs. They scare the heck out of some, and garner excitement from others, but let me assure you, there is no better conversation starter than, “so, I was flying my drone the other day…” But we’re just at the beginning of where drones will take us, and it’ll be fascinating to see where we go with them.

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Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot’s latest addition to the world of consumer drones is a very simplified and miniaturized drone that serves better as a casual (and entertaining toy) than a legitimate and useful aerial vehicle.

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Keep your reading on hand with Pocket

Keep your reading on hand with Pocket

With the plethora of blogs, news outlets, and columns available and updated every day, it is challenging to manage to keep up with reading everything one wants to. There are several easy (and free) solutions to this challenge, enabling you to keep track of what you want to read online, as well as making it easy (and offline) to do so.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Ever wonder why people buy Kindles? That’s a question I kept asking… and then I bought one and would never go back. Learn how I changed my mind, and where the Kindle Paperwhite stands.

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